“because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast

Larry DeBenedictus, the Traveling Larry, Talks about His Cross-Country Motorcycle Adventures

November 21, 2023 David "Vegas" Shuman
“because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast
Larry DeBenedictus, the Traveling Larry, Talks about His Cross-Country Motorcycle Adventures
Show Notes

In this episode of the “because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast , host David Vegas Shuman interviews Larry DeBenedictus, also known as the Traveling Larry. Larry is known for his cross-country motorcycle trips with a custom-built teardrop trailer. He grew up in Billerica, Massachusetts, and currently resides in Tewksbury. Larry shares how his interest in motorcycles began when his father got him a mini bike at the age of eight. Despite his father's initial disapproval, Larry eventually got his first Harley in his early twenties.

When asked about his preparation for his cross-country trip, Larry explains that he built a teardrop trailer to have a place to sleep during his journey. He spent a summer building the trailer, modifying it to work with his bike. Larry embarked on his trip in October 2014, heading south and then west, avoiding highways and opting for back roads to fully experience the country. He visited various places, including West Virginia, Montana, Nashville, San Diego, and Austin, among others. Larry highlights the beauty of West Virginia and Montana, as well as the charm of cities like Nashville and San Diego.

Larry also shares an interesting story from his trip in Bozeman, Montana, where he accidentally left his journal at a stranger's house. Despite his efforts to retrieve it, he was unable to find it. Larry mentions that he has rewritten most of the journal but hopes to recover the original writings someday. He also discusses his plans to write a book about his trip, incorporating pictures to accompany the stories.

When asked about advice for those considering a cross-country trip, Larry emphasizes the kindness of people he encountered along the way and encourages others to embrace the journey and be open to new experiences. He also mentions a book called The Gold Book, which connects motorcycle riders across the country and offers various levels of assistance and hospitality.

Towards the end of the episode, Larry reveals a significant event that occurred after his cross-country trip. Just two miles away from his home, he was involved in a motorcycle accident where he was hit by a car. Despite sustaining injuries, Larry considers himself fortunate to have survived the accident.

Listeners are encouraged to reach out to Larry on Instagram (@thetravelinglarry) or Facebook (Larry D Benedictus, the third) to connect with him and learn more about his adventures. The episode concludes with David "Vegas" Shuman thanking Larry for sharing his stories and expressing excitement for the completion of Larry's book.

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