“because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast

Motorcycle Enthusiasm and Stunt Riding with Gavin Fax

October 10, 2023 David "Vegas" Shuman
“because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast
Motorcycle Enthusiasm and Stunt Riding with Gavin Fax
Show Notes

In this episode of the “because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast, host David "Vegas" Shuman interviews Gevin Fax, a multi-talented individual with a passion for motorcycles. Gevin is not only a motorcycle enthusiast, but also a stunt rider, MCA recording artist, actress, physical education teacher, and jewelry maker.

Gevin shares her background, growing up in Los Angeles, California, and her transition to a more rural area in Ohio. She discusses her early interest in sports, particularly basketball, and her love for athletics. Gevin also recounts her introduction to motorcycling, starting with a minibike race at a young age and later receiving a moped as a gift from her father.

As the conversation continues, Gevin delves into her experiences in stunt riding and the entertainment industry. She talks about her involvement in various projects, including working on the movie "Rat Race" and being part of the all-female funk band Climax. Gevin also highlights her appearances in documentaries and magazines, such as Biker Weather and American Woman Motor Scene Magazine.

The discussion touches on Gevin's love for music and her journey as a recording artist. She shares her early start in music, performing professionally at the age of 13 and working her way through college with her musical talents. Gevin discusses her experiences in the music industry, including the success and challenges she faced.

The episode concludes with Gevin discussing her current motorcycle collection, including her beloved Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles. She reflects on her favorite bikes and their unique qualities for different riding experiences. Gevin also mentions her impressive mileage, having surpassed a million and a half miles on various bikes.

Join David "Vegas" Shuman and Gevin Fax as they delve into her fascinating journey as a motorcycle enthusiast, stunt rider, recording artist, and more.

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