“because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast

Bricks of Hope: Building Hope for Sick Kids One Lego Set at a Time

September 24, 2023 David "Vegas" Shuman
“because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast
Bricks of Hope: Building Hope for Sick Kids One Lego Set at a Time
Show Notes

In this episode of the “because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast with founder & Host David "Vegas" Shuman welcomes special guest Adam Petraglia of Bricks of Hope. They discuss the recent Bricks of Hope Ride for Kids event, which saw over 75 riders and 125 attendees at the after-ride party. The event raised nearly $10,000 and collected over 600 new Lego sets for sick children. Adam shares how these donations have already been put to use, with 225 Lego sets already delivered and another 200 scheduled for delivery. He emphasizes the importance of year-round donations to meet the needs of sick children in hospitals.

David and Adam also discuss the logistics of delivering the Lego sets to hospitals and the joy it brings to the children. Adam shares his personal story of being diagnosed with cancer on his 11th birthday and how playing with Lego sets brought him joy during his hospital stay. This experience inspired him to start Bricks of Hope and help other sick children. Since its launch in December 2021, Bricks of Hope has made over 43 deliveries, donating over 5,000 Lego sets and surpassing 1 million Lego bricks donated.

Adam also highlights the recent charity golf outing hosted by Termax Corporation and Termax Charities, which raised $40,000 for Bricks of Hope last year. This year's event saw 132 golfers participating and will contribute to even more Lego set donations. He encourages listeners to follow Bricks of Hope on social media to see the impact of their donations on sick children.

The episode concludes with Adam expressing his gratitude to the community for their support and mentioning upcoming events, including a holiday Lego drive and partnership with a local radio station. David encourages listeners to visit the Bricks of Hope website to donate or get involved in collecting Legos or supporting the cause in other ways.


00:05:10 Bricks of Hope delivers Lego sets to sick kids.
00:09:22 Lego brings joy to sick children.
00:17:26. Inspire generosity through simple giving.
00:17:46 Kids getting excited about giving.

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