“because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast

From Extreme Sports to Motorcycles: Vanessa Ruck's Story

June 27, 2023 David "Vegas" Shuman
“because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast
From Extreme Sports to Motorcycles: Vanessa Ruck's Story
Show Notes

In this episode of the “because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast with founder & Host David "Vegas" Shuman interviews Vanessa Ruck, popularly known as The Girl on a Bike. Vanessa shares her background and how she got into riding motorcycles. Despite growing up in an outdoor sporty family, she did not start riding until she was 20 years old and living on a remote island in the Bahamas, where she needed a mode of transportation. Vanessa's passion for motorcycles only developed after she had a life-changing accident in 2014, which forced her to give up other extreme sports she loved. Now, she is a professional motorcycle racer, adventurer, and rally car driver who has participated in some of the toughest races in the world. To connect or follow Vanessa, head to the links ⬇️:


00:00:00 Vanessa Ruck got into motorcycling after a life-changing accident, and now she's a professional rider, racer, and adventurer.
00:09:39 Air vests are reusable.
00:13:31 Preparation is key in rally.
00:17:41 Appreciate life and make memories.
00:26:34 Trust is key in rallying.
00:29:15 Technology in rally cars vs motorcycles.
00:34:44 Bola has big goals.

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